March 2021

Take a Proactive Approach to Mold / Flood Prevention!

Something as simple as a plastic bucket could be what saves you thousands of dollars in remediation costs.

January 2021

You Don’t See This Everyday!

Walking through the streets of San Fernando Valley and you are bound to come across some interesting sights, check out this wild mushroom (possibly Poria) growing off the streets of Ventura Blvd.

December 2020

Catch it Before It Catches You

Sometimes the largest problems start from the smallest of indicators.  Make sure to regularly check under the sinks, around the toilets, and around the shower stall for signs of water damage before they grow into a problem of much larger magnitude!

October 2020

Improper Remediation

Water Damage? Curious to know if Mold is growing up in there?  STOP!!! Don’t let the handyman start ripping things apart without a Mold, Lead, or Asbestos test PLEASE!!!  Improper remediation without containment can lead to exposure to mold, lead, asbestos or other potential unforeseen consequences.  Get it tested and let us help you develop a plan for remediation that does not endanger you or your property.

September 2020

Check Your Pet Food

Pet food has a tendency to sit around for long periods of time, often without properly being stored.  Check your loved one’s food regularly and make sure that it is properly stored and not exposed to moisture!

August 2020

Back to School – Clean the Crud!

Our children’s toys play host to a variety of nasty little spores amongst other things.  Because it is so common for them to handle them, put them in their mouth, or play in the water with them it is imperative that we check the toys regularly (and not just the bath toys!) to make sure that they have not begun to develop suspicious growths.  You may attempt to clean them with soap/water or an antimicrobial but it is best to dispose of them once growth has begun.