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The Benefit of a Real Estate Mold Inspection

Real Estate Mold Inspections | When you are purchasing a home, there are many factors to consider when trying to make the decision if it is the best home for you. If you are purchasing real estate where there is a high humidity level, frequent precipitation, or if you are just purchasing a home that is not brand new, you need to consider whether your home is at risk for mold, or if it shows signs of water damage and potential mold growth.

It’s possible to clean or remove mold, but should you buy real estate with mold? Unless you want to spend a lot of effort, time and money battling a mold problem, your best option is to avoid buying real estate with mold growth if at all possible. The best way to avoid extensive future problems with mold is to get a real estate mold inspection, prior to the purchase of a home. The benefits of a mold inspection for homes are staggering, for many reasons. Even though home inspections are required prior to the close of a sale, getting a specific real estate mold inspection will help prevent costly problems in the future. Bottom line, a mold inspection for homes is the best way to protect you and your family. Why is it so beneficial to hire a certified mold inspector to check your future home prior to purchase?

It may be your future home.  Living mold free is an important factor in your family’s health.

Mold can cause major respiratory problems, allergies, chronic bronchitis, irritation, and asthma. If anyone in your family suffers from pre-existing medical or respiratory conditions, living in a home with a mold problem can dramatically worsen these problems. Mold can also cause major health problems to develop, even in people who were previously healthy. This is especially true for children. Since it is your future home, take precautions to keep from putting your family at risk, and know if you are buying real estate with mold.



Standard home inspectors miss water damage and some mold conditions.

Although a standard home inspection undeniably has value, it may not be as thorough as having a certified mold inspector look over your home. Certified mold inspectors have a very specific set of expertise which can help locate future mold issues and potential growth. The ability to identify not only mold, but future risk factors, makes a certified mold inspection specifically invaluable.

Learn about possible water sources and future affects to your home.

Even if your home does not already have mold issues, a certified mold inspector can look at your home and determine if there is potential problems that may arise. For example, areas that are likely to be compromised or water damaged, or areas where water will be retained, pool, and puddle. They can help you determine if your home will develop future issues and be effected, becoming a potential mold problem.

Discover the strategies, processes, and techniques for removing mold.

If mold is discovered, a certified mold inspector can help you determine if it’s worth purchasing the home anyway. They can help you determine if the mold would be easy to clean or remove, or if there is already extensive damage. Knowing the extent of mold, should it be discovered, and whether or not it would be simple to remedy, can make a huge difference in determining whether the purchase is safe and worth it or not.



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In addition to the possible health affects that may occur due to exposure to mold, mold should be considered a property detriment due to the requirement in California that the known presence of mold and/or moisture damage must be disclosed when a real estate transaction occurs.. CALL 888-470-0470

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04-12-12 Real Estate Mold Inspection – Studio City, CA

Fun Guy Inspection & Consulting LLC recently completed a mold inspection on a residential building for sale shortly after a pipe burst, within the home, caused extensive water damage. Our Certified Mold Inspectors had responded immediately to the event by conducting a visual mold inspection and implementing, with the home owners, an immediate dry out. Dehumidifiers were moved into place by the mold restoration company within 24 hours of the initial flooding. The water damage was mitigated and the sale proceeded forward without any problem at all!.

Real Estate Sale – FG041210-001

Real Estate Inspection by Fun Guy Inspection & Consulting LLC

If you are in the process of buying or selling a home, have family members with health concerns, or believe that your new home or office has had recent water damage and possible mold exposure it is essential that you turn to the best…Fun Guy Mold Inspection and Consulting, professional residential and commercial mold inspectors. CALL 888-470-0470


05-21-10 Real Estate Mold Inspection, Inglewood, CA

During this real estate home inspection the buyer noticed small black spots on the ceiling and walls within the bedroom. Fun Guy Mold Inspectors observed the area for visible water damage and determined that the moist, humid conditions were created by several factors. The presence of mold growth did require mold remediation in the bedroom.

1950’s building structure -no insulation, humid conditions


07-01-09 Real Estate Mold Inspection-Westlake Village, CA

At this real estate inspection, mold was present during the property inspection. Another independent mold inspection company conducted the initial mold inspection, and soon thereafter called for mold remediation. The new home owner hired a handyman to remove the contaminated materials. The final inspection, completed by Fun Guy, did reveal additional areas of mold and fungal growth. Fun Guy recommended additional mold remediation by a professionally certified restoration company to restore the are properly.

Partially Remediated Building Materials

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