It may not happen often, but every once in a while a mold inspector finds an extreme mold problem. Brought on by deferred maintenance and time moisture came from the eventual deterioration of the waterproofing seals (silicone) between the sink and the countertop.

Daily usage of sinks and shower can create a moisture problem that slowly grow every day. Recorded levels of moisture in the building materials can be as high as 99.0%. For black mold, that is the perfect environment to grow.

All the black color is mold

It did take some time for the water to damage these materials, but here you can see how moisture created black mold and eventual disintegration of the materials.

Below a homeowner tried to stop water from creating a major water damage and mold problem. Many types of sinks have inherent design flaws that allow water intrusion to ruin your home and create mold growth. The Tupper ware has become a reservoir to catch the water created from using the kitchen sink on a daily basis. Most new models of sink have a pull out spray nozzle. When spraying the surface of dishes small water droplets collect on the surface of the spray cord. Eventual condensation of moisture droplets occurs on the surface of the metal sheating and drips below the kitchen sink. Ever notice a funky smell coming from your kitchen sink cabinet? This is mostly a result of some type of water damage and possible mold growth.

Sink of the month creates water damage and mold in your home. Take action now and fight mold, allergens, and health problems today!

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