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Find out why Fun Guy Inspection & Consulting LLC is a favorite among many other environmental firms specializing in water damage, mold inspection, lead testing, and asbestos analysis throughout the greater Los Angeles area.  The top choice of thousand of people.

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Testimonial #1

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Testimonial #2

 August 2013

Wayne K “We had an odor in one of our retail stores and had a plumber and a general contractor come out to try to identify the source of the odor. After nearly two months of searching for the  [dcs_btn url=”https://funguyinspections.com/testimonials-wayne-k/” target=”new”]Read more[/dcs_btn] [/dcs_one_half] [dcs_one_half_last]

Testimonial #3

 June 2012

Steve T, Eagle Rock, CA “Fun Guy was AMAZING, he made the process easy to deal with and was very professional and courteous of the situation we were dealing with. Highly recommended. Thanks Robert”

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Testimonial #4

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Testimonial #5

 July 2012

“Amazing Service” is just a common phrase used by many people and other environmental companies in the local Los Angeles area to describe [dcs_btn url=”https://funguyinspections.com/testimonial-about-robert-santanastasio/” target=”new”]Read more[/dcs_btn] [/dcs_one_half] [dcs_one_half_last]

Testimonial #6

 April 2012

James, West Hills, CA “FunGuy Inspections” Robert Rocks ! Funguy made my mold problem very easy to deal with! Very fast and cost efficient! Highly recommend! Thanks!”

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Testimonial #7

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Testimonial #8

 April 2012

Shelly Thousand Oaks, CA “Mold is a nightmare to deal with. When we realized we had a slow leak and needed to have a mold inspection, we were warned by so many people we knew to be very careful because a lot of times a company  [dcs_btn url=”https://funguyinspections.com/testimonial-shelly-thousand-oaks-ca/” target=”new”]Read more[/dcs_btn] [/dcs_one_half] [dcs_one_half_last]

Testimonial #9

 March 2012

Joann, D. Westlake Village, CA “I had some bad water damage after one of the recent rains.  I spoke with several mold inspection companies and decided to try out Fun Guy Inspections, as he made me feel the most comfortable and seemed [dcs_btn url=”https://funguyinspections.com/testimonial-joann-d-westlake-village-ca/” target=”new”]Read more[/dcs_btn] [/dcs_one_half_last] [dcs_clearboth h=”10″]

Testimonial #10

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Testimonial #11

December 2011

James West Hills, CA “Robert  Rocks ! Funguy made my mold problem very easy to deal with ! very fast and cost efficient! Highly recommend! Thanks! “


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Testimonial #12

 December 2011

Mo K, Los Angeles, CA “Robert was AMAZING, he made the process easy to deal with and was very professional and courteous of the situation we were dealing with. Highly recommended. Thanks Robert!!”

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Testimonial #13

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Testimonial #14

January 2011

Stephen S. , Los Angeles, CA “No one wants to deal with a mold problem, but Robert from Fun Guy Inspection made the ordeal a lot less painful. He was punctual, friendly, and thorough, and I’d recommend their company to anyone who has the unfortunate situation of a mold problem.”

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Testimonial #15

November 2012

Cecile T.Santa Monica, CA“I have used Fun Guy Inspection for my home in Chatsworth and was very pleased with the service. Robert was really helpful and detailed in his work and above all very reliable. I definitely would recommend him to anyone.”

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Testimonial #16

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Testimonial #17

September 2009

Valerie Granada Hills, CA “If you have never experienced what it is like to discover your home has had a water leak and that there is mold growing in your walls …take it from me.  It is a very scary experience. Sure you hear about this on television but you do not expect this to happen to you.  I’ve watch where [dcs_btn url=”https://funguyinspections.com/testimonial-valerie-granada-hills-ca/” target=”new”]Read more[/dcs_btn] [/dcs_one_half] [dcs_one_half_last]

Testimonial #18

December 2008

Jennifer C, Los Angeles, CA “If you’re ever so unfortunate to require a mold inspection in your home, this company is the real deal! I found them on the internet after browsing and speaking with over 8 different mold inspection companies. The guy who helped me is Robert and he is an ANGEL!!! The whole process of evaluating mold, [dcs_btn url=”https://funguyinspections.com/testimonial-jennifer-c-los-angeles-ca/” target=”new”]Read more[/dcs_btn] [/dcs_one_half_last]

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Fun Guy Inspections Specializes in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Building Inspection Company in Los Angeles, San Diego and Ventura Counties emphasizing indoor environmental health concerns and a healthy buildings.


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