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Molds and Bacteria develop and reproduce within 24-28 hours.
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Ways to Keep your Dryers and Washing Machines Mold-Free

Washing machines and dryers are one of our most precious possession, they make our clothes clean instantly! However, these cleaning appliances can be home for fungi and molds. That’s gross! Can you imagine seeing black and green mold spots on the surface of your clothes? Imagine the nightmare of trying to get them off of your clothes!

No matter, you can always prevent this almost inevitable occurrence.  There are many natural ways to keep your washers and dryers free from mold:

Use just enough detergent.

You must have the mentality “More detergent means cleaner clothes”. If you do, then you are wrong. Using too much can do more damage than it could do you good. Using excessive amounts of detergent can ruin your clothes’ quality. Some detergents contain chemicals that weaken the material of your clothes. Besides this, use of excessive amount of detergent may result in too much suds that can eventually form and become a breeding ground for molds.

Read the label to check the correct amount of detergent to be used. Using the appropriate or the recommended amount of detergent can help in preventing too much suds to form.

Clean the dispensers.

If there is one place in your dryer and washer that molds would love to live, that would be the dispenser. The dispensers are the most neglected areas of washers and dryers. Clean them after every use to prevent accumulation of laundry products. When products like fabric softeners and laundry detergents accrue, it becomes a perfect place for molds to form and spread. To prevent this, it’s better to clean this with water after every use and dry it afterward. Also, make sure that it is properly dried to avoid moisture buildup that may also induce mold formation.

Dry the washer and dryer.

You shut the washer close after use, don’t you? Well, this common mistake may cause mold infestation. Moisture is one of the most important things needed by mold spores for growth and survival. Your wash drum won’t get completely dry if you close it after using. Dry out the moisture inside by leaving the washer open for several minutes. You can also wipe the excess water to make the drying process faster.

Use dryer sheets instead.

Instead of using fabric conditioner, you can try using dryer sheets or dryer balls instead. This will make your clothes soft like when you used a fabric conditioner. Also, using fabric conditioner leaves some residue that makes it a perfect breeding ground for molds to form. You can also use white vinegar as fabric conditioner. They have the same softening effect as fabric conditioners and dryer sheets. Unlike fabric conditioners, white vinegar has 82% mold-killing properties that lessen the risk of mold infestation.

Use Bleach.

The bleach is known to be an effective cleaning agent and is proven to be efficient for mold removal.  Running the washer with warm water and bleach can kill the mold spores inside and increases its resistance to mold growth and formation.

These are just some of the few tips on how you can prevent mold infestation in your washers and dryers. However, if this becomes a persistent problem it is better to seek the assistance of professionals. They are known to effectively get rid of the molds and would even give you effective tips on keeping your washers and dryers mold-free.

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