Signs of Mold

Los Angeles | Plumbing repairs and maintenance help prevent water damage and mold problems

Tightening the faucet and re-caulking the fixtures can help save thousands of dollars.  The water damage industry has claimed many victims due leaking pipes and old water proofing seals.  Several types of water leaks can be found when conducting a mold inspection and your mold inspector will help you determine if your building is at risk of mold now or maybe later.

Finding water damage and mold in the wall of your home Malibu

  1.  Active Leaks 
    1.   Building materials are currently wet, a pipe is leaking, water can be found.
      1. Slow Leak – Over time, a slow and steady source of moisture has leaked into the surrounding building materials.  Standing water may not be present.  Materials will most likely exhibit signs of mold growth.
      2. Immediate or sudden Leak – Water is actively impacting the structure at that moment and moisture/water is present. Materials are at risk of mold growing within 24-48 hours.
  2. Historic Leaks
    1. Building materials are currently dry and not at risk of mold growing.
      1. Mold growth may be present on the materials.

How does a mold inspector find plumbing leaks in your home?

By using a moisture meter or thermal infrared camera. As an important indicator, a mold inspector will use moisture content to to determine if your building is at risk of mold growing.

A quick weekly inspection can be conducted to determine if preventative plumbing repairs in your home need to be completed to prevent mold from growing inside your home.