Bathroom Mold?

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Water Damage & Bathroom Mold

Fun Guy Mold Inspections & Consulting LLC discovered that the plumbing behind the shower stall was leaking. The damage created by the water leak caused extensive damage in the adjacent bedroom’s floor and wall (click on photo). The bathroom mold was discovered in the wall behind the shower head and behind the bathroom sink. Culver City, CA

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Bathroom Mold Found Below the Bathroom Sink


Bathroom Mold Found Below the Bathroom Sink was Discovered by a Fun Guy Certified Mold Inspector. The result of the Mold Sample identified Stachybotrys as a one of the Species of Fungi Found on the drywall. Bathroom Mold Testing in Los Angeles, CA


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Bathroom Mold Caused by

Bathroom Mold can often arise from areas that are used every single day such as our toilets. Many times you may not even notice that a small water leak has developed in the area. Always check the area next to the toilet to make sure a leak has not developed. Pasadena, CA


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Fungi-Mold Bathroom

Many homes are susceptible to the growing mold in bathrooms. Water leaks, broken pipes and humidity all contribute to the factors that help mold grow within a bathroom. CALL 888-470-0470


Bathroom Mold Growth

MIn addition to the bathroom mold problems that may arise from a sudden water damage event or increased humidity, a pre-existing, or new mold growth condition will continue until the moisture problem is solved.

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