The photo illustrates distinct patterns of black mold growing after a recent water damage.  From the photo above you can clearly identify the black moldy spots, common with most patterns of mold growth.

The black mold spots appear:

  • round
  • discolored
  • around the water damaged area
  • on the surface of the wall
  • contained to one area


Discoloration and mold growth may appear darker or lighter.  The pattern of mold growth in the above photo is a great example of individual mold colonies forming on cellulose base materials like drywall and wood.

Molds, fungi, and mildew activate and thrive when mold spores and buildings are saturated with water.

Solutions to most water damage problems include active de-humidification and drying.  Companies like ServPro Woodland Hills and ServiceMaster are emergency service providers proficient in drying and extracting water.