THE State Government is investigating concerns raised by Carina Heights residents in last week’s South-East Advertiser about possible asbestos pollution from last month’s fire at the derelict Salvin Park nursing home site.


The residents said they heard explosions during the latest fire and feared airborne asbestos fibres had contaminated the neighbourhood.

Demolition crews have moved on site after Brisbane City Council issued an enforcement notice to owners TriCare requiring the demolition of all buildings on the Creek Rd site.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland spokeswoman said air monitoring would be conducted around the site.

“Workplace Health and Safety Queensland’s Asbestos Unit will inspect the site in conjunction with the demolisher to form a demolition plan, including strategies to protect the local community from exposure to asbestos fibres,” she said.

“We will conduct air monitoring around the site in the coming weeks and take action if required.”

TriCare declined to comment on the residents’ concerns about asbestos.

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