The first time I ever saw GoGurt in the supermarket, way back in 1999, my first thought was “This will never take off! Who on earth would want this?” Coincidentally, this was same thing I thought upon seeing Britney Spears’ video for “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” I was very wrong about both of those things.

In the years since, although Britney’s star has faded, the preponderance of squeezable foods has risen. They even have squeezable food options for adults, who apparently see nothing horrific about sucking baby food out of a plastic container.

Aside from the obvious consequences of this trend — children with sticky hands who don’t know how to properly use silverware, me being grossed out on the bus —there is also another danger lurking in these squeezable food products. MOLD.

GoGo Squeeze, a popular “squeezable applesauce” for kids has been voluntarily recalled for the second time in six months after many parents complained of finding mold in the packages and posted the pictures on the company’s Facebook page.

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GAH! ACTUAL NIGHTMARE! And thus the problem with things like that–you can’t tell if they have mold in them until it is too late and you’ve accidentally consumed the mold, and have died of horror. Who can live this way?

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The company attributes the mold to the fact that the applesauce is preservative-free, and thus, any damage to the packaging can result in the product getting moldy. They were supposed to try to fix the package after the recall last year, but whatever they did to it didn’t take.

If you’ve purchased GoGo Applesauce packets with expiration dates ranging from 12/4/15 and 3/4/17, you can contact the company at 1-844-275-5841, or fill out the form here to request a replacement pouch. Though given the hard time they’ve had figuring this one out, you might want to just cut your losses and move on with your life, and maybe eat applesauce with a spoon like a human being from now on.