Molds are members of the kingdom fungi are not plants because among other things they lack chlorophyll. However, as plants are in some aspects, such as some simple plants such as mosses and ferns Molds to generate seed like particles called reproductive spores that are designed to move in the air. These mold spores in the air that exists both indoors and outdoors. Both residents and the health of the employee s are at stake if mold spores inside are at high levels.

Mold produces lots of ailments:

According to a respected Mayo Clinic find that causes almost all sinus infection.

Respected according to the Institute of Medicine study, mold, moldy smell and humidity in buildings, has been linked to many problems of the upper respiratory tract, such as allergy (itchy eyes, runny nose, coughing, sneezing,) and asthma problems in the asthmatics. (Chest tightness and shortness of breath sometimes very serious).

According to other odors mold scientific studies, even in the absence of spores has been linked to the opportunity twice, or 200% more likely to develop asthma in children.

It is also well known that mold can cause skin rashes and, in rare cases can cause flu like organic toxic dust syndrome, and longer-term condition with pneumonia-like symptoms known as hypersensitivity pneumonitis. In people with compromised immune systems can cause infections of the lungs or other parts of the body. Toxic mold can cause serious toxic reactions if eaten, or through other routes of exposure. However, toxic fungi such as Trichoderma, Fusarium , Mamnonellia, some species of Penicillium , And Aspergillus, and of course the dreaded Stachybotrys also known as toxic black mold has not been shown to cause toxic reactions when inhaled at levels found in residential and office environments.

Usually, not all the people in the house who are affected. However, people with asthma or allergies, young children, infants, the elderly and people who are already suffering from serious health problems face serious problems.

Prevention is better than cure? you can continue to control mold. If you can stick to these tips to control mold can keep you away from dangerous diseases.

Homeowner Tips to control mold

When you notice leaky pipes or roof interior have to respond immediately. If damp or dry materials in 24-48 hours mold growth can usually be restricted.

The drip pans air conditioner should be kept clean and the drain lines free and unfettered. Mold related condensation leak air conditioning units is very common. For the fungus form in or near the AC is one of the most detrimental to the mold that occur because the air conditioning will take you through the ducts.

Make sure the slope is at a distance from the foundation of the building to prevent water pool around the foundation.

Keep humidity below 60% relative humidity inside the old rule ASHRA below 65% relative humidity was abandoned years ago. In South Florida serious mold damage expensive because the humidity was less than 65% relative humidity. If the moisture problem persists call a mold inspector who also handles moisture problems.

If you happen to notice moisture or condensation to build up in the walls, pipes, CA records, or air conditioning ducts in the attic, do not hesitate or waste any time. Dry first wet the entire surface and reduce the moisture level. If the problem persists call a mold inspector who also handles moisture problems. The condensation can be considered as an indication of high humidity.

Clothes dryers and bathrobes must have an outlet outside so that moisture drains.

In humid climates keep windows and doors closed.

Tips for tenants to control Mold

Tenants should report problems of moisture and leaking pipes immediately to the building manager or owner.

If you get no satisfaction from his owner does not stop paying your rent, first with a lawyer, he or she will probably tell you have a mold inspection repair report preparing. The protocol indicates that the owner what should be done and by whom. If the inspection report and recommendations for remediation protocol to follow in a reasonably timely then you have a better chance of breaking your lease. Consult an attorney for mold or real estate attorney, who are not lawyers. A cheap mold test will not result in much, that a professional inspection report and disposal protocol prepared by a certified mold inspector and professional experience.

If water is relentless or air quality problems in a public building can contact the state or local health department.

Continue your search for signs of moisture and mold in your home or office. If it is found not try to clean yourself, in most cases you should call a professional mold inspector for proper inspection, evaluation, testing, and recommendations.

The tips are designed to control mold not only to protect their materials and construction but also are intended to discourage complaints about mold health. Remember that these are useful tips and by no means the final answer or a guaranteed cure, should you have a mold testing and inspection performed by an inspector trained and certified mold if you suspect problems.

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