Finding mold in your home can be an alarming if not scary problem.  Here we identify two types of mold growth; a surface mold growth problem that requires a little elbow grease to clean or a much deeper and rooted problem that require professional mold remediation.  But, How much mold is too much mold?

Over time, the evolution of mold inspections has allowed mold inspectors to see the inside of your walls with cameras, infrared devices, and wall check samples .

(In the photo) The mold inspection camera, called a boroscope, helps view mold within walls and areas that are difficult to view.  Although it looks like some sort or alien contraption, it is actually a camera.  The tip is illuminated with a strong light and the camera is on the end near the light.

There are several ways a certified mold inspector can help you determine if mold is a serious problem.  This photo is taken of a boroscope (camera) before it goes inside of a wall to look for mold in a Home located in Hermosa Beach.  By using the camera, a mold inspector can help determine if mold is growing on the surface of  a wall or hidden behind a wall.  Isolating the contributors that assist in mold growth, humidity and/or water intrusion, a mold inspector can help diagnose a remedy for the mold growth.

Often mold will be present on the surface of a wall when increased humidity lingers around your home.  Upon condensation of this moisture, dirt, debris, and mold spores permeate in the ideal environment that cause mold to grow.  In humid conditions, mold can grow on the surface of most materials with a home, especially those located in closets, closed rooms, or cabinets in Hermosa by the beach.

Mold can become a health problem when improperly cleaned or left to fester within your walls.  Hidden or undiscovered mold and water damage can cause problems or health related concerns.  Regular cleaning and decreasing humidity within your home will help eliminate mold growth within your home.

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